The Farce - The 5th Middle East War and the End of Freedom – Short Version

By CrisHam, 8 December, 2023


The ongoing farce of the Middle East conflict has its main cause in the continued Western appeasement towards the Arab world. The phenomenon that remains in need of explanation is that neither citizens nor politicians were able to learn from the obvious mistakes of the past. Another insight from Karl Marx (which, like that about the “farce”, is valid independently of a “left” worldview) helps: “The thoughts of the ruling class are the ruling thoughts in every epoch, i.e. the class, which is the ruling material power of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual power.”

Today´s “ruling intellectual power” can be identified in a narrowing of the political discourse, for which the term “political correctness” was coined. Every member of the establishment must submit to this mental pattern - otherwise there is a risk of exclusion from the arena of the favored.

In addition to the media, the instruments with which correctness can be proclaimed include a wide range of organizations, including tax-exempt NGOs. The propaganda power that can be developed with the latter was demonstrated at the beginning of September 2001 at the NGO forum in Durban/South Africa, a parallel event to the official conference against racism. For the 7,000 delegates from 3,000 NGOs, the defamation of Israel as an “apartheid state” was a central theme. Reference

Because all non-public media and organizations rely on either direct funding or lucrative advertising contracts, they represent ideal propaganda tools for those who control significant flows of money, such as donations from international corporations that flow to NGOs. These means of power, which are supplemented by huge lobbying teams, blocks of shares in said corporations and a private banking system with the license to create new money, amount to money rule.

This de facto monetary rule behind the intact façade of liberal democracies is the real, global farce, of which the Middle East conflict is only a regional excerpt. This system has its roots in the English or British colonial empire. On December 31, 1600, the East India Company received a trading monopoly and sovereign privilege for the Indian subcontinent from Queen Elizabeth I.

The EIC grew to the largest stock corporation in the world and at the same time became a negative model in which all the destructive phenomena that the artificial atmosphere of state privileges creates could be observed. The exclusion of smaller competitors allowed exorbitant prices on the sales side and rock-bottom prices on the purchasing side. The resulting huge profits brought with them rapidly growing political power. At times, the EIC maintained troops that were approximately twice as strong as those of the English or British state.

The EIC's hunt for further extra profits led to the destruction of the Indian weaving industry with millions of deaths and the expropriation of small farmers for the benefit of tax collectors. Piracy, drug trafficking and, at times, slave trading were also part of the business profile. In particular, the control of the opium trade between India and China became a main source of income in the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Due to public pressure, the EIC was disempowered by the Government of India Act of 1858 and liquidated with compensation in 1874. – But the anti-system of privileging large corporations and deriving political power from economic power has survived to this day. Self-reinforcement provided more power through money and more money through more power. Thus, the system grew to gigantic dimensions. Oligopolies such as those of the few credit card companies, the pharmaceutical giants and the oil companies each dominate a pseudo-market that no longer follows the rules of supply and demand. Thus, for example, absurd drug prices are “negotiated” between the industry and health insurance companies.

Today's revival of the East India Company's business model, based on unfair privilege, is by far the greatest farce of all time. Because all other repetitions of (bad) events in history that can be classified as farce according to Marx's rule, turn out to be merely the consequences of this one overarching farce. Without reform steps, the democratic power of civilization’s leading nations is in danger. Significant political decisions are increasingly being made at the level of supposedly charitable organizations.

Wars like the Ukraine War, the Fifth Middle East War and the impending American Civil War can only find a sustainable solution by eliminating this fundamental evil. The oligopolies, which have been privileged to this day, have to be once again exposed to the competition of a fair market. Reference, theses 1-19. 

Each single farce, as well as the main one, could only have come about because the power of money gained access to the communications sector early on - today supplemented by tens of thousands of tax-exempt (i.e. privileged) NGOs. This shows that the critical vigilance by citizens towards politics has been subject to ongoing narcotization and manipulation by means of filtered information and unfairly partisan commentary at least since the period of the Spanish-American War (1898-1898). Reference

Critical vigilance is not only required against the destructive appeasement of the supposedly charitable. A further danger comes from an opposite anti-strategy, crude militarism. Dwight D. Eisenhower had warned about this in his farewell speech in 1961, when he named the actors at the same time as the MIC, the military-industrial complex. Following the course set by the MIC, the US military has “succeeded” ever more effectively in undermining its own reputation in insensitive actions with outrageous collateral damage since the Vietnam War. The message of freedom, democracy and the rule of law has not been successfully conveyed in this way for decades, so that there are now more autocracies than democracies worldwide. The counterproductive military actions culminated in the „War on Terror“ which was  announced by George W. Bush after the 9/11-attacks in 2001. 

The danger of the Fifth Middle East War lies in the overlapping of two suicide strategies of Western origin. One is the appeasement towards the Arabs, which has been carried out by the UN and thousands of NGOs since 1948 with the “success” of “morally” strengthening the backs of terrorists. The second suicidal strategy is the crude (American-influenced) militarism.

The harsh military crackdown results in civilian casualties and huge collateral damage and thus provides the visual material that flows into a global media campaign by supposedly charitable organizations against the Jewish state.

In Western media there is a striking difference between the coverage of Israel's actions in Gaza and that of the many past British-American military operations. Obviously, Western citizens should know as little as possible about the disastrous effects of the latter, including the damage to the global reputation of liberal democracy. In contrast, the collateral damage of Israel's actions in Gaza is presented in full. And while the severity of Western military actions never were criticized if they concerned NATO forces, criticism on Israel´s military is harsh although it warns Gaza civilians in advance. This propaganda war by the NGOs and media is undercutting the moral position of and respect towards the Jewish state and thus encouraging additional enemies to enter the battlefield.

For the leadership of the terrorists and their Arab supporters, apart from personal power, only the group counts, while the subordinate individual has little importance and is sacrificed without hesitation. Since civil war-like unrest began in Lebanon in the 1970s, sacrifice has emerged as a highly effective strategy by directing victims in migratory flows to Europe and other Western countries. War ensures the continuation of economic backwardness and therefore automatically high birth rates. Military and terrorist violence, in combination with a forced demography, has thus become the most effective engine for the Islamization of the world. But only superficially, those in power in the Islamic world are the ones with the greatest interest in this mechanism.

Because as soon as you understand that since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the financial elite has been able to tap into the economic power of Western nations almost at will it becomes clear: With these vastly underestimated means of power, they were able to transform all critics of their unfair privileges into good collaborators - with the left being led on the anti-patriotic course of excessive appeasement and the conservatives on the equally suicidal course of escalatory MIC militarism.

For the money oligarchs only exists a single obstacle in the way of the unrestricted rule of their corporations, financial institutions, media and predominantly tax-exempt organizations. This obstacle consists in a group of people who are systematically disadvantaged for this reason. These are free-thinking, independent and critical people who do not submit to the propaganda influences and narrowing of political discourse of the “ruling intellectual power”.

The 5th Middle East War culminated in the historical mistakes from which it was not possible to learn. The narratives that distort Israel's legal position are now being spread with even more publication power. The “moral” support for the Palestinian side thus offers “ideal” conditions for allowing entire radical groups and possibly states to climb the stairs of willingness to use violence. This means interference from other warring parties, escalation and blocking of negotiations.

In Gaza, with crude militarism based on the “proven” suicide strategy of the US model and against the worldwide wave of propaganda, the chances for the Jewish state and also for Judaism are extremely bad. The division of the Western world into Palestinian supporters (many of which are definitely anti-Semitic) and Israel supporters is the incendiary factor that can plunge the USA in particular into a civil war within a short time. The chaos and state arbitrariness under the (actually unconstitutional) emergency laws that were then activated particularly threaten all free thinkers, patriots and Jews.

Israel can only save its well-educated, free-thinking, patriotically connected and courageous population, which is persecuted worldwide, by breaking a taboo set by the “ruling intellectual power”. This claims that any criticism of the financial elite should be “anti-Semitic” because it would support the – actually fundamentally false – narrative of “planned Jewish world domination”. This argument overlooks, firstly, that world domination that goes against the basic principle of freedom is not being planned, but has long since become clearly visible (behind the UN facade) and, secondly, that this empire of big money is managed by a small, self-centered financial aristocracy, whose solidarity-based and goal-oriented attitude towards the survival interests of Jews was often omitted, especially in times of greatest need, while the necessary means of power were not lacking.

The solution is to criticize the financial tycoons for using the accusation of anti-Semitism to shield their counterproductive activities from criticism behind a protective shield which consists of ordinary Jewish citizens. Because the latter have to suffer innocently from the justified criticism that only belongs to the masters of big business. As stated at the beginning, these persons must be reintegrated as solidary members of the democratic nations and, to whom it concerns, of the Jewish community.  All that is needed is the initiative of a few committed Jews.