The Deadly Trap for Israel and Civilization - Short Version

By CrisHam, 8 November, 2023

The Israeli counter offensive in Gaza in retaliation for the October 7 Hamas attack is highly rectified - but doesn’t lead to the solution. As a phenome with psychological roots, terrorism cannot be ended by military means alone. This simple fact is ignored systematically, although it was clearly proven in the disastrous Iraq War (2003-2011) and likewise in the  „War on Terror“ in Afghanistan.

Fatally, the same resistance to insight applies to the basic rule proclaimed by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King - that lasting peace requires an understanding of one's real and alleged enemies – which doesn´t mean applauding to their actions. Thus, the actual reasons for terrorism are still out of the consciousness of politicians, media representatives and citizens. 

A population group that produces terrorists is always characterized by a self-perception as victims of unfair treatment. When the size of the group and its means (courage, arguments and weapons) reach a critical point, the participants proclaim their demands openly. In case of refusal the moment for an open rebellion has come. As various radicalizing factors (e.g. religious fanaticism) have different effects on each individual, some of them, like on a ladder, reach higher emotional levels, until the uninhibited preparedness for violence. If, for example, the judiciary system prevents some of them from carrying out their activities, others immediately fill their places. 

From Media and NGO publications it is well known in which aspects the Palestinians feel themselves treated unjust. After checking these claims and their historical roots, one comes to the conclusion, that the pro-Arab narratives published in the West, constitute something artificial, something constructed to serve a distinct aim. This artificial character of the claims becomes obvious by the easiness and clarity they can be refuted in their fundament – reference

The main constructors of such distorted narratives are some media and NGOs, other organizations and institutions. What all these have in common is their dependence on direct funding or advertising contracts. This is automatically accompanied by political influence. For example, the activities of George Soros (about 200 funded NGOs) can give a marginal image of how money power works.

In the hands of a money aristocracy, organizations with currently desired narratives can be coordinated to an enormous propaganda and brainwash power. This was impressively demonstrated during the 2001 Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance in Durban/ South Africa. Parallel to the conference a separate NGO forum took place where around 8000 representatives of 3000 NGOs gathered. Their final declaration topped by far the corresponding paper of the official conference with anti-West statements and emotional language.

But in contrast to the official event the NGO forum and its final declaration were additionally characterized by an anti-Semitic „spirit“, baseless accusations against Israel and the call to isolate the Jewish state worldwide. Remarkably, the keywords for the later (2005 founded) BDS movement boycott, divestment and sanctions were already anticipated. 

Because of its enormous medial covering the Durban NGO forum Declaration had the potential to initiate a sharp change of the international political ambience to the disadvantage of Israel. - But the whole spectacle turned out as a passing nightmare because three days after the Durban events, the 9/11 attacks in New York absorbed the whole media attention. - What lasts are the results of an experiment. These show how abruptly an anti-Semitic mood change can be switched on and off again.

These observations show an - at best -non solidary attitude of the moneyed elite towards Jews, authentical Zionism and Israel that is validated by many others. -

There remains an outstanding phenomenon to be explained psychologically - how the vast majority of the Jewish people could have remained stuck in the erroneous assumption for so long that the big money oligarchs were their sincere friends and protectors.


The Arabs are not to be perceived as aggressive and radical people by nature, or by own mis programming, but as victims of perfidious large-scale misinformation and emotionalization. 

The roots of Arab angriness, radicalism and terrorism are vested in a mess of partly false narratives which are produced and millionfold published by supposedly charitable institutions, organizations and mainstream media. These narratives are designed to make Palestinians feel themselves as mistreated victims.

Since the 1948 war, Western including UN aid programs for Palestinian refugees which included the construction of over 50 refugee camps have taken the responsibility from those Arab countries that had unleashed this very war against Israel. Today, after a demographic growth of the originally 700.000 refugees to around 6 millions, this comes out to have been an unprecedented act of appeasement towards the Arab world.

 Like any form of appeasement, (because it signalizes weakness) the Western aid was never really appreciated by the Arab beneficiaries. To the contrary, with the permanently cultivated consciousness of maltreated victims, they were encouraged to repeat the disastrous military adventure of 1948 three more times in the following decades (1956, 1967 and 1973).

Because the roots of the Arab bitterness and terror rest in Western appeasement and artificially constructed narratives, a peaceful solution has mainly to concern Western media and NGOs. This requires a profound change towards actually independent working in media and politically active organizations, allowing employees to disagree with „politically correct“ views that are put in from above. To secure this reform step, a fund in favor of discriminated journalists needs to be established, financed by media corporations.