B 08
The Fiasco of the Power Pyramid

The unofficial rule of state-privileged big business is increasingly suppressing the fair market economy and the free development of people (see Chapters A 5 and A 9). However, the system cleverly disguises the destructive use of its influence behind an anthropophilic and security-concerned facade, particularly provided by the media. But with the Corona crisis and the Ukraine war at the latest, the pretext nature of actions becomes apparent, which increasingly amount to a systematic curtailment of individual freedoms.

Looking back, a start-up phase for this worrying development can be identified that goes back more than 100 years. Under the same US President Woodrow Wilson, who laid the foundation for today's big money empire with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, also the unconstitutional Espionage Act was introduced in 1917, which still threatens freedom heroes with maximum penalties. This applies especially to people like Julian Assange who take a critical look at the falsifiers of democracy and bring secret machinations to the public. 

Actually, democratic citizens can expect that emergency laws, if ever they are necessary, will be issued with the aim of ensuring the best possible functioning of harmonious coexistence according to the rule of law and freedom, even in tense situations. In contrast, a look at the emergency legislation in Western countries shows that it is instead about the - even violent -enforcement of regulations that are sometimes clearly contrary to the rule of law. Many of these amount to expropriation and forced relocation, including accommodation in escape-proof mass facilities in the USA – see Chapter A 31. 

The military operations of the last few decades (including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya), which also arose from alleged security concerns but were carried out almost always to the detriment of the free-democratic social model, hardly give any reason for trust in the Western security apparatus - accordingly less under emergency conditions. 

Unfortunately, this is only part of the worrying overall impression that one gains after thorough research into the developments of democratic civilization under the influence of growing money power. Since incompetence of the system leaders is ruled out as a deeper cause considering their obvious intelligence, the only explanation left is a lack of solidarity of these unofficially powerful people towards the Western nations - as an expression of inadequate social integration.

The results of the politics grown on this soil inevitably come to light: Under the management of this elite, humanity has misdeveloped into militant tribalism, shallow perceptual perception, hasty consumption as well as irresponsibility, envy, personality cult and “monster hunting” - against supposedly dangerous leaders such as Manuel Noriega in Panama, Saddam Hussein or Muammar al-Gaddafi - see Appendix C 8. 

The rational-argumentative defense of liberal democracy is neglected and replaced by the setting of a narrow template of accepted opinions, the so-called political correctness. By this intolerant narrowing of discourse, which is handled with emotionalization, sympathizers of right-wing and left-wing groups are generally stigmatized as extremists or radicals. As a result of this polarization, signs of disintegration are becoming noticeable in all Western countries and the anti-Semitism that is supposedly being fought is being encouraged in an irresponsible manner - see Chapter. B11.

By cultivating exclusion reflexes instead of rational dialogue, politics and the media disregard the basis for all civilized interaction recognized by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, namely understanding one's (supposed) opponents. It's about the minimal consensus that differences of opinion should only be resolved through peaceful means. Consistent non-violence also includes the renunciation of structural violence (according to Johan Galtung) - such as that which the whizle-blower and freedom hero Julian Assange is currently suffering.

The pent-up potential for conflict, which has at least been accepted with approval, threatens to get out of control. “The world is crazy,” is the first sentence in this book. Since it was written in September 2019, it has become significantly more topical - visible to everyone, but even more so in secret. The impression is that of a backdrop world that tends towards the surreal and in which the announced purposes of political actions do not correspond to the results. In retrospect, former US presidents and other political greats turn out to be less idealists committed to the common good and liberal democracy, but rather as interchangeable agents of a disintegrating system whose exact course was out of their hands. Alleged enemies of the free-democratic concept, who, like Venezuelan President Maduro, are given the status of “monsters” by the media, are in reality often just opponents of the ruling high finance. 

The obviously planned rule of big money in the blue camouflage of the UN would mean a continuation of the gigantic historical glitch that would destroy freedom and democracy, as the break-in of the capitalist system into civilization has already proven to be, a system that, as a falsification of free market economy, can never be „stabilized“ any other way than under use of force. A thought experiment makes this clear. Even if the money dynasties succeeded in gathering all of Earth's inhabitants as docile subjects, the well-known problem of possible revolts and upheavals would still exist despite the misuse of all NSA surveillance technology. Historically, even slave revolts have resulted in lasting changes, for example in the former French Haiiti.

But technical evolution promises to offer the ideal solution to this security problem in the coming decades by making the numerous lower class population superfluous as a provider of simple labor - with robot technology. Reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3KWM1kuAw 

Since a deficiently educated population group for which there will no longer be any use in the future only represents a dangerous potential for upheaval, the only logical solution from the perspective of those in power would be to gradually decimate it to (almost) zero through efficient demographic control. 

Before that, however, the already advanced domestication of the middle class would have to be completed. This means, in particular, that their free-thinking representatives who are critical of the unofficial monetary rule must be kept away from the political stage even more consistently than at present. What would then remain of the middle class, which once supported progress with its creativity and initiative, would be an establishment made up of bureaucrats, corporate employees, service providers and licensed dealers that were subservient to big capital. Their loyalty could also be temporarily bought by allowing members of favored peoples to move up in order to gather around the sources of advantage in a tribalistic manner. 

But these dependent minions of the system, in their main task of distracting and controlling ordinary people, would in turn become redundant with the dwindeling lower class population. As the greatest source of danger for uncontrolled power despite their domestication, the middle class, which has degenerated into a caricature, would have to follow the same path of historical disposal as the lower class. Only then would the money tycoons have incontestably reserved the entire planet for themselves and their descendants with full infrastructure, largely automated means of production, energy sources and “politically correct” robot service - without anyone being able to dispute the power they have acquired. 

That would probably be the “somewhat” egocentric version of the American Dream, the result of a remarkably determined “Persuit of Happyness” - and that with the incredible time perspective of over 4 billion years ahead, which the earth will still remain habitable, including, on top of that, increasingly longer life expectancy up to potential immortality - see the final paragraphs of chapter B 1 “The ecological niche ...” 

But that´s complete illusion. The money dynasties would then be among themselves, but the historical game would repeat itself according to a pattern like the days in the brilliant feature film “Groundhog Day” (1993). But unlike in the film, in which the personal experiences of the main character ultimately led to further development as a social being, this cannot be said about the descendants of the descendants of those who are accustomed to absolute power. Because challenges in dealing with other people alone can lead to a higher development of manners, while an upper-class life with all the possibilities of secretly exercising power let wither the skills required for a fair balance of interests. These social deficits would become a problem at the latest when the repopulation of the earth with their descendants was completed.

Just as early humans had no competitors on earth other than their own kind since the invention of the first effective weapons and tools, also these descendants of the monetary aristocracy would be their own most important cooperation partners, but also their only remaining rivals. This would mean that they would be in exactly the same competition for scarce resources and decision-making powers as humans have always been. In analogy to the film, a new “Groundhog Day” would begin, but the actors would have the most unfavorable adaptions to meet the challenges. Because the entire previous evolution did not produce the necessary psychosocial development (not that it should have, because it is already apparent) but rather a misdevelopment towards emphatically hypocritical and otherwise narcissistic manners. 

Since the previously powerful would continue to form the top of the equally secret pyramid of the new global and then only nation, the “tried and tested” one-sided surveillance from top to bottom would remain. While the original principle of power was based on solidarity and division of labor, its change towards the uncontrolled secret pyramid of power represents the consistently continued maldevelopment of the power pyramid of medieval feudalism, which already was lacking in solidarity with the common citizens. 

The “progress” consists in the fact that only the group of people at the top knows the non-solidary true goals, while at the base of the pyramid and gradually in between, only alleged goals, but in reality pretexts, are presented, which naturally rarely come true (and then only as a lure to keep people on the wrong path) - see list of points 1 to 31 in Chapter A 30. At least as in the current “Groundhog Day”, the security of power based on secrecy with its invisible network of spies and disguised agents would create an atmosphere of uncertainty, lack of trust and lack of freedom - and thus tension instead of harmony . 

With this tribalistic profile of uncontrolled power, the new and only global nation would already be a candidate for an early overthrow by courageous individuals with more vision and desire for freedom within its own ranks. These could once again establish a liberal-democratic society of fairness and harmony and thus enter a new era of dynamic technical and this time also social progress. But with each new relapse into uncontrolled power, the historical cycle would repeat itself like in the film, corresponding to a new Groundhog Day.

These cycles will not come to an end until the anti-system of the secret power pyramid with its one-sided direction of control is replaced by consistently reciprocal social control - or until the demise of a species incapable of harmony ends the game. As a further development of the official power pyramid of medieval feudalism, the power pyramid of secrecy brought its operators a huge accumulation of wealth and power. However, it does not offer a rational solution to the actual problem of power, namely to stabilize it in the long term - so that the development inevitably results in repeating historical cycles with intermittently increasing maldevelopments in manners. 

This means dishonesty – even towards themselves. Because anyone who rules and decides uncontrollably only has his own psyche as a controlling body. While those in power always take economic values (money) away from hard-working and creative people, their psyche does not allow for the self-image of thieves. Therefore, when they pass it on to their favored followers, they tend to develop a Robin Hood mentality and label their theft as justified and moral. -The result is inevitably a low-achieving anti-meritocracy. 

The extent of the destabilizing contradictions of the secret power pyramid already in the current historical cycle exceeds by far that of any honest dictatorship and would continue to increase with each new one in order to assert the familiar extra advantages and uncontrolled powers against the equally increased vigilance of the freedom loving people. Because between the true goals of the powerful and their completely different pretexts there must always be a whole series of half-true, three-quarters-true, seven-eighths-true, etc. goals, in order to bridge as gently as possible the contradictions between actual goals and pretexts that are in fact irreconcilable. 

An application of Marx's finding about the philosophy of the ruling class leads to the conclusion that for each level of the pyramid and its partial knowledge of the true goals, there must be a separate philosophy (a narrative) that makes this specific part of the goals plausible. Since different parts of the true goals are known in the intermediate stages, each of which requires its own plausible justification, a worldview that is consistent with itself and with reality can only exist at the top of the pyramid. However, this must be kept secret from all intermediate levels. The same requirement of secrecy must apply to the remaining “intermediate philosophies” compared to the levels below them. Inevitably, the philosophies towards the bottom increasingly take on the character of pseudo-philosophies (“fabulous” narratives), so that at the base there isn‘t left enough for a closed social philosophy at all, only for a few (Kantian) fragments such as the one about the uncritical fulfillment of duty. The gaps in this inconsistent worldview are essentially temporarily closed in the media and politics using two buzzwords, “political correctness” and “human rights” - the latter mostly as empty phrases without specifying which of the 30 from the human rights charter are meant. 

The maintenance of the secret power pyramid can only be achieved by accepting disproportionate collateral damage, both physically visible consequences of violence and damage on a psychological level - even among the supposedly privileged themselves. Because the generational change alone makes it absolutely impossible for all members of the powerful Clans to be on the same level of the pyramid and therefore of knowledge and secrecy. This inevitably brings dishonesty and a lack of trust in the middle of the super-rich families - an unacceptably high price to pay and a good reason to look for harmonious reform oft he system - see Appendix C 7, towards the end.

The secret power pyramid proves to be a political illusion, a destructive confusion, a disastrous historical dead end and an irresponsible threat to the survival of the human species. The enormous efforts and collateral damage incurred to establish the power of big money have violated the laws of evolution – which also apply to history. Conversely, privileging a small group of people based on the criterion of descent means that the talent potential of ordinary citizens is largely left unused. Nevetheless, the era of capitalist money rule was not in vain. The historical benefit of the disingenuous system lies in its function as an interactive 3D learning program with which the defense of freedom and the development of non-violent defense strategies against undemocratic claims to power can be advanced under harsh real-world conditions.